Saturday, October 11, 2014

The birth of a new project: CloudClock

So my alarm clock broke recently. Actually it was only the powersupply. What a great excuse for new project with my arduino yun!!

Since I built my grooveshark radio, my yun has been unused, I do not find time to listen to music at home these days, so the grooveshark radio was not of much use, so my broken alarm was a good excuse to put the yun back on business.

My plan is the following:
1. No screen: The thing should talk
2. Just one button: All the control should be via web
3. Should be reliable: I want it to be a real replacement for my broken alarm, so I want it to be reliable as a commercial device... or more.

For 1 and 2, I might end up cheating and using the 16x2 screen and the rotary encoder... who knows...

So my first step was getting the yun to talk. For that I decided to use festival lite (or flite). So... ssh into linino, opkg update, opkg install flite:
good news: the package was there
bad news: it did not fit in the available memory

So I had to extend my linino memory and for that I could use the SD card port. Knowing that someone else would have probably done this already, did a google search and voila: Expanding Yun Disk Space


Boot again, ssh into linino, opkg update, opkg install flite... now it fitted!!!

next step was to give it a try: flite -t hello
Segmentation Fault

Back to the begining... now need to figure out why it does not work...

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